New Scientist Magazine: stop supporting poisoning of cats

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Alice Klein’s article in New Scientist about the Felixer, a device designed to poison feral cats is unbalanced and promotes killing cats. . In addition to giving the company free publicity, the article promoted the anti-cat propaganda that plays a large part in cats being abandoned, abused and killed in our society.

The article starts with:

"Since their introduction to Australia in the 18th century, cats have severely harmed the local ecosystem... They have contributed to the extinction of more than 20 Australian animals – including the paradise parrot, broad-faced potoroo, rusty numbat and desert bandicoot – and continue to threaten many more..."

This is untrue. Humans top the list the list for severely harming the ecosystem and causing the extinction of 75% of all species. This type of reporting makes it ok for people to abandon and abuse cats and is counter to what compassionate conservationists hope to achieve.

The story also ignored that fact that this device will likely kill other animals, many of who are endangered. In reality, the machine will exacerbate the problem that it claims to address. In essence, your story is simply promoting and continuing the destruction of many species, not just cats.

If the New Scientist hopes to be a credible magazine, you must do a better job of accurately reporting and not just serve as a voice box for people and companies who put killing cats above all other goals. Unless this changes, I for one, will not be subscribing to it.

Perhaps you could do another story that addresses some of these facts AND explore programs that successfully reduce and control feral cat populations without the killing. "