Someone Decapitated a Cat and Left It in Plain Sight to Terrorize the Neighborhood

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Victoria Marchante had a gruesome start to her month. On June 1st, she was midway through her morning walk when she came upon a shocking sight.

There, in the middle of the sidewalk near the intersection of Eleonore and Coliseum Streets, with its eyes wide open staring straight out into the distance, was a severed cat's head. Marchante took pictures of the dead cat and shared them with the police but she couldn't stop thinking about it. And she couldn't stop thinking about the sick individual(s) who may have perpetrated this awful crime.

"I am also worried about the implications regarding the individual(s) who may be involved and if they might be doing this 'serially.'"

She couldn't be more right. Cases like these are rarely one-offs. What's worse, it is now accepted as fact that people capable of committing violence against animals are also capable of doing so to humans.

The person responsible for this crime must be caught.

Please sign the petition and demand that the New Orleans Police Department investigate the death of the decapitated cat and prosecute its killer.


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