Demand NMPRC to have the hearing Order to Show Cause against AV Water Company LLC.

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Dear New Mexico Public Regulations Commission,

We the customers of AV Water LLC, Demand New Mexico Public Regulations Commissioners grant the hearing (IN THE MATTER OF AN ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE AS TO WHY AV WATER CO., LLC, SHOULD NOT BE FOUND IN VIOLATION OF THE PUBLIC UTILITY ACT AND COMMISSION RULES AND WHY THE COMMISSION SHOULD NOT IMPOSE SANCTIONS AND FINES, AND ANY OTHER APPROPRIATE RELIEF) Case No. 16-00175-UT. We feel the NMPRC has done us a terrible injustice by not granting a hearing and by not allowing our voices to be heard. We want the NMPRC to hold AV Water accountable for the PRC regulations they have violated and the prolonged hardships they have subjected us to as their customers. AV Water has been untrustworthy, unreliable, incompetent, and dishonest. AV Water Customers want to Show Cause why AV Water should be fined appropriately and have their certificate of convenience and necessity revoked and please do it promptly, as it is unfair that they should get preferential treatment. We should be allowed to present documentation of the poor water quality we have, and still at the present time are enduring, fluctuation with water pressure throughout the water system, inaccurate bills, meter reading issues, price gouging and unreliability of services as well as unethical business practices along with many other issues past and present. We are officially requesting that you allow Ms. Grothe to represent Animas Valley/Harvest Gold/Morningstar water customers in the process of filing a group complaint with you and representing us in any PRC hearings or preceding pertaining to our water issues. Ms. Grothe has been a main source of information to our community throughout this process. Ms. Grothe has taken the time to collect information, complaints, distribute information to our community through a Facebook page she created and runs, as well as in person door-to-door outreach efforts. She has placed countless phone calls and organized community meetings to distribute information to customers without internet access, and took over the donated water when SJCOEM could no longer do it, and AV Water refused. Allowing her to represent us will make the complaint process not only easier to file, but also easier for you to process. She is not an attorney and does not have any kind of legal representation degree. What she does have, is knowledge about the situations at hand because of countless hours spent researching and talking our residents and officials. She also empathizes with and shows compassion to the two communities that are affected. She will submit to you documentation that includes recorded conversations, text messages, videos, pictures, complaints from individual AVW customers, past and current disputable utility bills, and other documents pertaining to this case. Numbers, pictures, and documentation does not lie. Ms. Grothe’s format for this presentation will be easy to review.
Provided here is the direct link to Ms. Grothe’s Facebook group she created as a resource to gather and share information with our community. We have utilized it to coordinate volunteer efforts, direct our communities to where they can find information about Animas Valley Water, the New Mexico Environmental Department, as well as you, the NMPRC.

The link is: We appreciate you taking the time to review our request and we believe she will make a great representative for our communities in going forward with this complaint process.


Animas Valley Water/ Morningstar/ Harvest Gold users and supporters

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