We love our Wild Horses. They are a part of the tourist attraction of our small community. People from all around the country come to New Mexico Mountains to see wildlife including our Wild Horses. 

We watch these herds grow from foal to stallion or mare. We help keep them safe from roads by creating places off the main road they can eat and by placing warning signs where we cannot. 

We stop and enjoy their presence as they stop for breakfast at sunrise or napping in the evening sun. These animals are a beloved part of our culture and we don't wan't them shipped away, auctioned and/or slaughtered. We want them to remain in our area. 

If there is a need for population control, certainly we can come up with a better solution that involves the people of this community who love these horses instead of auction and slaughter. 

We are respectfully and formally requesting that you look into this matter and help us find a better solution. 

This petition will be delivered to:
  • New Mexico Governor
  • State Representative
    Zachary Cook
  • Senator
    Tom Udall
  • Senator
    Martin Heinrich
  • Representative
    Steve Pearce
  • State Senator
    Ted Barela

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