Petition to Prioritize New London Community Needs 2020 (DO NOT DONATE MONEY HERE)

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We, the people of New London, bear witness to the sustained murder of Black people across the nation and in our city. We will not stand for racism or the violence it perpetuates in our community. We feel that the decisions of our municipal government in regards to the way our tax dollars are allocated are not consistent with this stance. We do not approve of our tax dollars being spent to uphold white supremacist institutions. Instead, we are committed to creating a community which is anti-racist, anti-poverty, and anti-militarist. Therefore, we demand the following:

-We DEMAND that 35% of the New London Police Department 2020 budget be invested into services that support New London residents who are Black, Brown, and poor.
-We DEMAND an additional $760,000 be immediately reallocated from New London Police Department 2020 budget to New London Public Schools.
-We DEMAND that New London Public Schools immediately sever their relationship with the New London Police Department.
-We DEMAND that the New London Police Department demilitarize immediately.
-We DEMAND that community members have oversight on the Police Union Contract.
-We DEMAND that the New London Police Community Relations Committee be abolished and replaced with an Independent Community Police Review Board.
-We DEMAND the removal of the Colombo statue at the intersection of Howard and Bank Streets.
-We DEMAND that the New London Police Department undergo training to learn about the reality of anti-black racism.
-We DEMAND there be fines according to your income.
-We DEMAND those who get arrested for petty offenses not go to court but instead undergo Community Service.