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      Hello and thank you for your full attention to my Aviation matter. This is Boh from BOHinventing/BOHaviation looking for your VOTE & approval for a brand new (offering) world class concept under the Boh inventors, inc. flag.

     This Aviation Project is called Project RAZORBAK
(Yes, intentionally mispelled for SEO purposes). The Utilitarian amphibian and 1st such concept of its kind history, also has potential to create a FireNet for more organized, immediate 1st response. This AVproject is capable of being the worlds 1st fully viable fire-fighting-self autonomous flyer-concept in history, (though to starting out new pilots will be needed, and training for those pilots also for many many years). I call it the most Utilitarian vessel known to be created in history, or atleast it has the potential (see images for more GO-characteristics possible).
       As the inventor its possible with my new "TRI-FECTA" flight concept given my total design. (meaning: with pilot, As a remote operated drone, or self autonomously with preprogram instruction and GPS guidance).

     The craft is HYBRID powered concept, both in operation & power plant. This is the "most likely" best choice amphibian for investment of them all, possible now...

    Firefighting is dangerous and firefighters do not always go where they are told, nor should they given every situation. I do take firefighting seriously and I say it needs to be a full on immediate attack, and if possible 24/7. But most pilots have to go home at some point, or rest. But not a team of Razorbaks! A RAZORBAK will never be fearful, question, and deny a dangerous mission. These vehicles only need engine rest and refuel. They can win fires, evacuate early on, and keep attacking relentlessly. Consider what can be done with a swarm of RAZORBAK's has yet to be seen. Home's, property and beautiful trees & land can be saved. I am shooting to begin in the Hawaiin islands for the unique evironment. Its surrounded by water, and this is the vehicle of choice for that mission, all day long. But again I need your VOTES!

     As I stated I agree pilots need rest, should rest, but experience says fires should be contained as fast possible, period.  We all know firefighters are courageous, but again should the blaze ever be too big, too tough, or just too HOT & dangerous. RAZORBAK is here, and you're in the clear! Send in the RAZORBAKS! Too much black smoke, near zero visibility, NO visibility. Not a problem.

      Yes, drones & self auto's are not viewed as 'job friendly.' I do want you to keep in mind the trend is in and future competitors models will be less job friendly than my/this model competing. But again, I offer "TRI-FECTA" flight! (we need and want pilots, crews, maintainance people), all of it.

     The RAZORBAK gives you the most options on water, the best water #eVTOL hybrid aircraft, plus best new aircraft yet to be seen. A water born workhorse. I already believe its superior to Helicopters, in many respects. Yes, future designs will appear, similar to C-130 of its day, new configurations will emerge, and yes we still need jobs & maintenance personnel, refuel and mission planning for that too.  Upfront there are more uses for this new aircraft including; AVfirefighter amphibian, 1st morph potential for DARPA flyer award later on, best all-weather at sea, best River & ocean rescue/patrol vessel of choice. (I have not even mentioned commercial tours, luxury personal aircraft & more upcoming...)

     It's not bias when you can perform tasks helicopters cannot, period. As I said this thing is a NEW category, and NEW total shape, design, and powerhouse with back-up fail options. 

     Currently, I have my (IP) and company images that have already been noted and approved by USPTO. I even notified some Aviation museums early for good measure too. Plans for single manufacture process begin with your signatures. A complete with maintenance division will be established, experts hired, test pilots hired, and managers also are needed. 

     There is no such bird in existence. I created the ultimate utilitarian amphibian aircraft/vessel the all-in-one design capable of more GO-characteristics than any other in history-to-date with TRI-FECTA flight, and I know its best in its class. That alone means its worth making, in my opinion. Other concepts are too single static functional design, but a RAZORBAK can be more effective given better manufacture, craftsmanship technique in the future. And again, this is why this concept is more investable today and more deserving than others...

      This is the leader in AVtech right now, if you ask me, and the best most likely choice for firefighting champ by rivers, lakes, and even coastline, or farther.

(Do you know how to put out a fire on the 47th floor in a blazing skyscrapper in the middle of Chaicago?) Again, think about time it takes to save those lives, and your options today. Therefore, given my limitations at this time I made this petition to be able to get this project to a reality. I simply as myself cannot meet ALL the guidelines of OLD obstacles to market. This machine has great purpose out there, can save lives and more can be added in the future. Confirming the strongest candidate for #firefightingdrone #firefighting-self-autonomous-flyer-concept of the future, yet versatile enough for passengers, 1st responders, and lux travel. The RAZORBAK is to be a safe, versatile, and highly post-water-crash-survivable. A strong asset especially over bodies of water, including rivers, streams, and sea. I mean this thing could probably land in a swimming pool, if needed and there are no exposed blades to potentially cause rotar snap issue unforseen. Power up on a river, this thing will be one of the fastest water gliders of all time, and still fly with just a tilt of its wings. And turn, this thing turns on a dime! I am betting you will like this machine. 

     Currently in GEN#5 design development, RAZORBAK offers vector thrust on all four propeller/multi-blade rotors. Featuring advances in newer 'enclosed cockpit' design, with wide range, key focusing, targeting viewing, and touchscreen capability, including on-screen avionics task bar. Full forward, and panorama stitched-vision on 4x-6-Large monitors w/ side gunner station option available. 

        Conventional pilots in cockpit will still feel as if you are looking out a much larger-than-normal clear window. Plus you have views from other cameras views all over at a touch, there should be NO angle is missed. Thus Pilots can better deal with low visibility conditions, precision, targeting while enjoying safety of a cocoon-like shell.

      I hope you agree this is the next logical next step in the evolution of flight & versatility of flight. RAZORBAK is the most likely victor for #firefightingdrone / fully autonomous e-flyer vessel of our future (possibly the world, capable of organized autonomous flight via programming & tracking). 

{(Side note: I do feel when this project kicks off, a #RAZORBAKDADDY project will also one day kick off. A larger vessel, or vessels. RAZORBAKdaddy will be able to haul heavy equipment to remote areas of the globe, (including: Deep Amazon, Arctic, islands..etc) places where roads don't exist, and access by water is an option. heavy air for things like construction projects, and infrastructure builds, marina, dock build, deploy...etc.)}

( ). Video (Codenamed: Project RAZORBAK (for now); part (airplane, helicopter, boat, quadcopter, and if needed w/ lower half detacheables (car, all-terrain vehicle, tank, train, arctic sled, large motorcycle & more..). Its a stretch now, but a real possible concept no one has ever achieved before. (Original GEN#1 evolution imgs)

We all know firefighters are courageous, but should the blaze ever be too big, or too tough, or too dangerous & hot. Never fear RAZORBAK is here! Too much smoke, zero visibility, NO visibility, not a problem. "When everyone else is running out, these flyers are running in." Send in the RAZORBAK's they go anywhere they are needed.            - Kory, Abran A (Aka, Boh) (serial inventor)
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