Project: The Ulitmate Utilitarian Amphibian / RAZORBAK

Project: The Ulitmate Utilitarian Amphibian / RAZORBAK

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Abran A. Kory started this petition to Ownership (Kory, Abran A) DOB: 07-26-1978 Bohinventing LLC and



 Hello and thank you for your full attention to my Aviation petition. This is Boh with BOHinventing (serial inventor) looking for your VOTE & approval for a brand new (offering) world class Aviation concept (This petition is associated with #corehyperdrive "Future of deep travel peition" manufacture of real permanent Spaceships).

     This Aviation Project is called Project RAZORBAK 
(Yes, intentionally mispelled for SEO purposes). The Utilitarian amphibian is what I call it and its 1st such concept of its kind in AVhistory. This AVproject is capable of being the worlds 1st fully viable swarm flyer over water, using my new cockpit featuring TRI-FECTA flight capacity, and due to high barriers to entry this petition was created. I call it the most Utilitarian vessel yet created in history, or atleast it has the potential to be (see images for more GO-characteristics possible).
       What is "TRI-FECTA" flight? (I coined there term, its means (3x) types of flight: w/pilot, remote operated as drone, or self autonomously with preprogrammed instructions using GPS guidance).

     The craft is HYBRID powered concept at this time. This is the "most likely" best choice amphibian for investment of them all, and it is possible now. It has the ability to rest at sea and outperform other vertical takeoff aircraft due to its FWD thrust & vector thrust capability. Yes, drones & self auto's are not viewed as 'job friendly.' I do want to be clear upfront, but consider Future competitors models will be "less job friendly" than this BOH project and we are competing, believe it. I do want the supervision, the people and the maintenance people too. As company founder I can offer assurances with the creation of the "BOHspaceships & Aviation LLC." Recall it is "TRI-FECTA" flight! Not DUO-FECTA flight and that means more options, not less (We need and want new pilots, training, crews, maintenance people, all of it...). At this time I am seeking new passport & plane ticket up to Canada to launch this wonderful project, and keep in mind it is part under 'permanent spaceship' concepts too...

 The RAZORBAK gives you the most options on water, the best water #eVTOL hybrid aircraft potential. Its is "the worlds 1st quadcopter amphibian w/ large rear door." A water born workhorse with competitive speeds & ability. I already believe it is superior to Helicopters, in many respects. I see it smaller yet similar to C-130 of its day, new configurations will emerge, and yes we still need jobs and personnel for that, mission planning too.  Upfront there are more uses for this new aircraft including; AVfirefighter amphibian, 1st morph potential for DARPA flyer awarded later on, best all-weather at sea, River & ocean rescue/patrol vessel of choice. (I have not even mentioned commercial touring, luxury personal aircraft & more upcoming...)

    Firefighting is dangerous business and most pilots have to go home at some point. I have never viewed wildland firefighting on foot as good enough armed with a shovel, but it does beat nothing. Firefighters are human and do not always go where they are told, nor do they operate every situation as told. I take the firefighting seriously. In many ways we speak for the animal residents too, endangered as well. With supervised firefighting via satellite Project RAZORBAK can make remote full on immediate attack, possible with 24/7 standbye. A swram of RAZORBAK's will never be fearful, ask questions, or deny any dangerous mission. These vehicles only need engine rest & refuel. They can defeat fires, evacuate people, and keep attacking around the clock. Consider what can be done with a swarm of RAZORBAK's, it has yet to be seen... Consider a ship at sea loaded with 20-30 and a rapid disburse into full swarm formation & mission mode. Experience says wildland fires should be contained fast as possible from land, or sea, period. But again should the blaze ever be too BIG, too TOUGH, or just too HOT & TALL, or you just cannot find 10x pilots. "Send in the RAZROBAK's!" Send in those RAZORBAKS and back up those firefighters on the ground. Too much black smoke, near zero visibility, NO visibility, Not a problem for a RAZORBAK. At this time I am looking to start the BOH-Umni Aviation & Spaceship corporation again over the border in Canada (possibly Germany) just to get the thing begun. Perfect sancturaries can be created where humans are restricted to enter for the endarngered species to thrive once again. But again I need your VOTES to do it! It's not bias to favorite the razorbak when you can perform tasks helicopters cannot, period. As I said this thing is a NEW category, NEW design, NEW invention and even has back-up fail options. Including (3x) engine minimal flight, which means flight is still possible without (1x) of our engines.

    There is no such bird exactly as this in existence. I created/invented the ultimate utilitarian amphibian aircraft/vessel the all-in-one design capable of more GO-characteristics than any other in history-to-date, and that includes TRI-FECTA flight ability given my design & know how. I know it is possible for best in its class. That alone means its worth making, investing, in my opinion. We have come from old concepts born from single static functional design, but a RAZORBAK can be more utilizing better manufacture, craftsmanship, conceptualization of form & function in the future. And again, this is why I created this petition in the 1st place. 

     Currently, I have my (IP), company images already noted & approved by USPTO. I even notified some Aviation museums early for good measure too. Plans for single manufacture process begin with your signatures. This leads me to creation of manufacture plant & offices with partnering in place prior to moving. Yes, I still need trademark finalizations to make it the 'BOH approved' legitimate, but that can be done once this all begins, so the inventor can receive pay. This is the leader in AVtech right now, the edge, and the most likely choice for firefighting champ responder, and later full robo-flyer champ, plus 1st responder on & around water: rivers, lakes, even coastline...

(Do you know how to put out a fire on the 47th floor in a blazing skyscrapper in the middle of Chicago?) Again, in the time it takes to coordinate and think it through. We can dispatch a razorbak onsight to save on early issues & lives. This machine has great purpose out there, and more can be added in the future. The RAZORBAK is to be a safe, versatile, highly investmentworthy. A strong asset especially over & around bodies of water, including rivers, lakes & at sea. I mean this thing could probably land in a swimming pool, or do its job from one, if needed. There are no exposed blades potentially causing rotar snap issues and that does mean a little bump forgive. Try that in a helicopter. This thing will be one of the fastest water gliders of all time, and still fly with just a tilt-of-its-wings. Turning? This thing turns on a dime with help of vectored thrust!  

     Currently in GEN5 & 6 design development, RAZORBAK offers vector thrust on all four propeller/multi-blade rotors. Features advances in newer 'enclosed cockpit' design with wider view range: key focusing, targeting viewing & enhancement with touchscreen capability, including on-screen avionics task bar that you can move around. Conventional VFR pilots in cockpit will still feel as if you are looking out a much larger-than-normal clear window, and still have more views than a traditional pilot with several camera options available. There should be nearly NO angle missed that is critical. 

      I hope you agree this is the next logical next step in evolution of flight & versatility of flight. I (am pending status) to full trademark finalization on 'RAZORBAK' name. And again, along with the benefits of this project to eco-systems, animals/people there is personal growth and happiness too. In fact it is so important I write about it here in the petition. (Avoid negatives, turn negatives around, increase personal positives, Memories new & old. Maybe even add company Black tie affair party & awards yearly. And yes I have thought of many of you outside the company reading this who supported the cause by signature). (A small portion of tickets will be gifted to general public & press yearly). ). Video (Codenamed: Project RAZORBAK (for now); part (airplane, helicopter, boat, quadcopter, and if needed w/ lower half detacheables (car, all-terrain vehicle, tank, train, arctic sled, robo, large motorcycle & more..). Its a stretch now, but a real possible concept with better craftmanship & engineering...

 "When everyone else is running out, these flyers are running in. "Send in the RAZORBAK's!".            - Kory, Abran Alexander (Aka, Boh) (serial inventor)

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