Justice against My Bullies and Selfish Teachers

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Hello, I am a high school student at a special needs school, and I am being bullied by two boys at my school and being treated unfairly by my teachers when I tell them about the bullying.

One of the bullies are on my bus and he talks on the phone very loud on the bus and opens the bus window purposely just to annoy me because he wants to get revenge against me that I got him in trouble for the bad things he´s done, like speaking about vandalism and prank calls. He threatens me that he is going to punch me and beat me up if I dont stop telling him to close the window or hang up the call. He even sent me a mean E-mail calling me ¨gay¨ and a ¨b**ch¨, and then sent me two pictures of an old man doing the middle finger and two brides kissing, and saying that the bride was me.

The other bully follows me when I walk in the hallways, stares at me through my classroom door, and harasses me by saying inappropriate subjects whenever I walk past by him. He even gets his friends to gang up against me. There was a time when I was exiting the staircase in school and then the bully and one of his friends were next to me and his friend tried to scare me. They were both laughing at me. Another time while I was trying to listen to the teacher teach the class, the bully stared at me through the classroom door and I felt very uncomfortable, and after that I tried to ask the teacher to repeat what he said, and he refused, and I told him how the bully was staring at me. He still refused after that. I had no idea what the lesson was about because of that moment. 

I told my teachers, counselors, and everyone I could in my school about the bullying, and they always respond that they will handle the situations, but as a result there has been little to no change. One of the counselors at school investigated the E-mail situation, then they sent my mom a report in the mail that stated that the boy that cyberbullied me told the counselor that somebody else used his E-mail to send me the E-mails without his consent and they let him go. After that they never disciplined nor punished the bullies, and this is why the same things keep on going on. I feel very betrayed by the school.  Even my mom and I keep on complaining to the school about these, and they refuse to take action, even though they say that they will do something about it. I have to be on escort every day when walking in the halls while the bullies are allowed to roam free around the halls. They are still bothering me, and because of that, over time I fell behind on schoolwork, could not sleep at night thinking about the bullies and waking up very late on school mornings, and was barely in the mood to eat or do activities that I was very into before all of this happened. 

Whoever is reading this, I urge you to PLEASE sign my petition and hopefully one day the school can be sued by the state for not handing the bullying properly and the bullies can be disciplined appropriately and not bully nor bother me ever again.

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