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Respect Veterans and Animals by Requiring Silent Fireworks

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New Jersey should set an example and show respect for our war veterans, pets, wildlife and environment by permitting only silent fireworks. Current New Jersey statutes allow only public displays of fireworks with proper permits and all private fireworks are illegal, so we are already regulating fireworks displays. We can respect our war vets, pets, wildlife and our environment if we celebrate without the explosions and enjoy the light displays with music.

Our war veterans are subjected to public fireworks displays and illegal backyard explosions to celebrate July 4th and some other holidays. About 31 percent of Vietnam War veterans and 10 percent of Gulf War veterans suffer from PTSD, according to the National Institutes of Health. The loud blasts and flickering lights that resemble gunfire and other battleground noises can trigger panic attacks and other stress responses linked to the illness, according to the Veterans Health Administration.

The explosions caused by fireworks cause great stress and fear to many household pets. We all know that animals have far more sensitive hearing so you won't be surprised to read that firework displays can leave pets with “acoustic stress”. During firework displays animals are often confused as to where the loud noises are coming from which makes them run frantically away. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in them being lost, injured or killed. July 5th is the busiest day of the year for most animal shelters.  

The panic brought on by fireworks can cause wildlife moms to abandon their babies and be too disoriented to find their way home. Squirrels, small mammals, birds and butterflies have been known to exhibit detrimental, even life threatening behavior as a result of fireworks, while waterbirds and fish perish after ingesting fireworks' debris. (

People of the town of Collecchio in the province of Parma in Italy are doing something about it. The local government has introduced new legislation forcing citizens to use silent fireworks as a way of respecting the animals and reducing the stress caused them. The company, Setti Fireworks makes fireworks which produce a spectacular light show but without the deafening sounds normally associated with a firework display. They design their fireworks to fit the venue and event that they will be used for.


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