New Jersey Office of The Attorney General/Division of Criminal Justice: Justice for Baby Nikolas Chavez III - My Nikolas' case is stil a cold case therefore it is still opened!!

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* * * There is no statute of limitations for murder * * *

THE FOLLOWING ARE VERY IMPORTANT FACTS IN MY SON NIKOLAS' CASE:   I am Nick Chavez II the father of Nikolas Chavez III who was brutally beaten to death at the age of 3. My son was broken in half backwards and all belly innards were ruptured. During both trials the jurors were not sequestered! Was my son's homicide not deemed worthy of a jury to be sequestered?There was left out rock solid taped evidence and witnesses of this monster's sociopathic character were not called to take the stand. My constitutional rights were severely abused.

There was one very blatant count of racism! "What are you anyway?" in reference to what race me and my family belong was asked by the state prosecutor of the first trial. That question has/had no relevance to my son's homicide which occurred Wednesday November 30th 2005. That question was also asked in a behind the doors meeting with only my mother, sister and myself. Previous to that most offensive question we were also asked if we had any recording devices. The same state prosecutor who asked us "What are you anyway?" stated quite clearly and out of the blue "I'm a women's advocate!". When we asked "Where's the child's advocate?" there was no response. Both my family and I were treated as second rate citizens at best. None of our more than valid input was used or even considered. Both the state and the defenses forensic experts agreed my son's death was a homicide or as the defenses expert pronounced it verbatim "A homocide".

This merely scratches the surface of this most unjust case. It's a slap in the face of what America calls justice. This is more than a qualified reason for my son's case to be reopened. Mind you, my son's case is still a cold case, yet I see no detectives racing out to find the person/monster who really murdered my son. The reason why is the monster who did this got a slap on the wrist for child endangerment!

He was released as of November 2012 without any prior warning from the state of New Jersey.

We actually have the momentum needed to get this case reopened and get both the baby killing beast caged again and killer by her lies "mommy" in prison for what she let happen to her son. She's merely Nikolas' "mother" biologically mind you. Let's finish this!!

* * * There is no statute of limitations for murder * * *


- A childless father making right the severely wronged,

                                                                        Nick Chavez II (Dad)