New Jersey: Ban The Use Of Exotic Animals In The Circus!!

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In 2017 Illinois and New York became the first states in the U.S. to ban circus elephant acts. This means that any circus that still uses elephants can no longer perform anywhere in the entire state of Illinois or New York. Now in 2018 New Jersey is poised to take this even farther and completely ban the use of any exotic animals in circuses, this includes elephants, tigers, lions, and bears.

All animals, especially elephants, suffer terribly in the circus industry. They lead lives of sadness, constant fear, and despair. Unfortunately previous New Jersey Governor Chris Christie decided to "pocket veto" the bill, which means that he declined to sign it before leaving office.

But now New Jersey has a new governor and therefore renewed hope to end circus suffering! This bill passed the New Jersey legislature in both the State Assembly and State Senate. A new revised circus bill will be presented to new governor Phil Murphy for his approval.

Please join me in asking governor Murphy to sign this very important bill into law. The state of New Jersey can lead the way to end circus suffering for all exotic animals in the United States!

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