Make NJ a No-Kill State

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We are 6 10, 11, and 12 year old students from Mount Olive, New Jersey and here is what we have to say about "Making New Jersey a No Kill State."

About 1.2 million dogs are killed each year because the maximum capacity of dogs in shelters and adoption centers are exceeded. Some of them are abused, thrown out of a house like garbage. Runaways that starve to death, some owners don't even have the time to train or take care of them.

People bring them to pounds or shelters and they look for hope that these animals are adopted in time. Many of them that do not get placed in an adoption agency or with a good family and have been there for more than 7 days are killed/euthanized.

It is totally a cruel act to kill these voiceless beings. That’s why, we need to stand up and raise awareness for these innocent souls.

Our plan is to get 20,000 signatures by late June. When we reach this goal, we will contact the New Jersey’s lawmakers and Governor Christie and ask them to recognize and consider putting the problem on a ballot. The ballot will then be on the next voting section. We are positive, that we will win the vote.

Our next plan is to be involved in making the law and have provisions that help us exceed the limits of dogs in the adoption centers and shelters and ensure some of our tax money is sent to  adoption centers around New Jersey. This money will provide dogs to be spayed and neutered. Along with any shots needed. Do to these tremendous amounts of dogs, we need to have forced laws on trained breeders that are allowed to breed.

Please vote to make NJ as a NO KILL state and save these innocent souls!

Dont forget to spread the word on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Musically. Use the hashtag #MakeNjANoKillState