Include NJ EMS in 9/11 Disability Pension

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On 9/11/01 it is estimated that 1000 first responders from New Jersey, including paramedics and EMTs, both paid and volunteer, Red Cross workers and construction workers  responded to the attacks on the World Trade Center. 

Neither the hospitals nor agencies that sent these brave men and women into NYC has taken responsibility...

While NJ legislation is in the works to award disability pensions to paid and volunteer firefighters who have had to leave their jobs due to problems resulting from their 9/11 response, EMS and their fellow New Jersey Resident Responders have been completely ignored!

We are there when help is needed in your darkest hour but we need your help now.

Please sign this petition and help NJ EMS personnel, NJ Red Cross and our fellow NJ responders get the help they so desperately need.

edit: as of 6/18 there has been an addendum made to the pending NJ legislation to include SOME EMTs and paramedics BUT NOT ALL. We can’t allow 9/11 help to be given to some and not all based upon who employed them that day. They stood side by side and should be compensated with health care and disability pensions in the same way.