Hold CPS/DYFS/DCP&P Accountable

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Child Protective Services is known by varying abbreviations; CPS, DYFS, DCP&P etc. While their main principles are engaged in the well being and protection of children; often times the actions of the inviduals employed by the agency go unchecked. Courts allow workers to lie for the betterment of coercive testimony or to take action without consequence and immunity for the most part. Preying on communities that are at a disadvantage or of families that are not in need of services and wasting state and tax payer money.


Over the course of the last few years it was disclosed my Daughter's biological Father had abused her. And while we live in NJ he lives in another state on the opposite side of the country. Little was done in regards to investigating him or interrogation however it resulted in DCP&P invading my home and emotionally traumatizing my Daughter further. They did not implement services as we were already providing them. It was only a barrage of intrusive interrogations. As while she had endured abuse, the worker continued statements in front of her insinuating she would discuss what my Daughter had just spoken about with the criminal perpetrator as well after he had already been substantiated. Sending an already traumatized child receiving mental health care into a whirl wind of further mistrust and fear. Traumatizing my family. Needless to say while visiting and finding out I had lupus, turned an investigation and family services to help my Daughter into a 2 hour interrogation of my ability to care for my children if I have lupus and repeatedly showing up announced afterwards demanding they regulate and see what I'm doing in regards to my health. This after I had been cooperating in regards to their investigation for her biological Father's abuse for 6 months and them having never had an issue now terrorizing me because realized I have lupus. A case remained open with intrusive interviews of my children until traumatizing my Daughter to the point we had to hospitalize her and letters of cease and desist were sent to DCP&P demanding the worker not be present in front of my Daughter and they no longer speak to them unless her licensed therapist is present.


The need for my Daughter's mental health was never in questions as we have been through extensive therapy in-home and out of home for years. However, DCP&P would randomly reopen the case and continue to come to the home insisting otherwise taking months to even bother calling the same therapist that had already informed them it was needless. Bordering on harassment.


Fast forward to 2018, and my Daughter being enrolled in homeschool so she can attend day time therapy services paid for by myself. DCP&P shows up at 9pm at night where they saw the children and were asked to leave and return Monday at a reasonable time which was agreed to. And then Saturday an emergency team appearing in the afternoon stating we were lying and that the workers in the middle of the night never saw my children.



As of Saturday afternoon, when they stated they were there to ensure she was enrolled in an education. Alienated myself after being told I was Muslim and proceeded to demand I was a victim of domestic violence, sequestering myself to extensive comments and questions demanding I tell them I am abused. Then stated I was covering bruises when I cover due to religious purposes and implying marks on my face which are blemishes (pimples) and having a naturally round face was extensive bruising. Just reaffirms how they are not justly being held accountable and harassing individuals when they find their original cause of visit is unwarranted but want to continue unwarranted harassment.



While police are monitored and equip video cameras to hold them and those they arrest accountable. Child Protection social workers go unchecked, can state whatever notes they want about a situation or state something never occurred, making statements retraumatizing children in trauma treatment. Harassing families going through helping their children through trauma and deciding to continue cases without cause by creating "problems".

DCP&P should not be allowed or afforded the right as untrained non-medical professionals to evaluate medical conditions or submit notes as evidence when legal counsels, police and other investigators are required to provided irrefutable proof and testimony and video evidences.


It is time Child Protective Services be held accountable and that their right to unquestioned notes be taken away and replaced by video recording of said interviews in place of that evidence. As this not only protects those being investigated but the investigator as well. I believe it would also eliminate the huge majority of needless harassment cases resulting from caseworkers whom feel they are above law and harass families they deem minorities or uneducated in regards to their personal rights.


As a community and country we need to band together in demanding that our senators, state law makers and federal government implement regulations that stipulate Child Protective services no longer be allowed private unmonitored access and the ability to out trump families by their own personal testimony without factual evidence or physical evidence when non exists. Not withstanding the actual cases where abuse has occurred and physical evidence may exist. The photographic and videoed interviews will supply the evidence and back up notes taken by the case workers in the event the abuse is occurring and keep those same caseworkers in check from veering on the side of playing “god” and creating false evidence by just adding in their own notes which can veer on the side of prejudice, discrimination and without the video evidence enables them to continue to commit these crimes.