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Chris Christie Please Approve my Petition for Executive Clemency, Pardon Mistake 30Yrs Old

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My name is Robert Reddell, I am a 54 year old Accounting Manager. Twenty eight  years ago at the age of 24, I made a mistake. One for which I paid my debt a long time ago, but whose consequences have  the potential to drastically affect my life and the life I have created for my family.

In 1987, I was arrested and charged with 3rd degree drug possession. Not knowing the law, I followed the direction of my public defender and pled guilty to receive a reduced sentence of 3 years probation, 6 months loss of driver license, and fines. All completed and paid as required by the court. What my attorney neglected to tell me was that this would be a felony conviction that would stay on my record for life, as is the law in New Jersey. Other states after so many years or, after completion of required court orders the felony is removed.

Four years ago, I began the grueling process of trying to have this charge expunged from my record, which I can not do without Governor Chris Christie approving my petition for executive clemency. I filed the petition on October 16, 2013. I had no idea that, almost four years later, I would still be waiting for an answer. According to the parole board, there is no time frame. I could be waiting for years to come.

I feel as if my life is on pause. There are jobs I can't apply for and activities I can't participate in because of this felony charge. I need your help to convince Governor Christie to pardon my felony so I can have my record expunged and begin moving forward with my life . Please sign my petition.

The company I work for has numerous government clients, that require background checks to receive security clearance for access to their facilities. My not being able pass the background check is detrimental to my career.

I am a hardworking husband and father of 3 children and three grandchildren. With no college education, I have worked from the bottom up though companies such as AT&T, I.B.M., to where I am today. I am a member of our local church, on the church finance committee, and Mens Group and I volunteered on a rescue squad in New Jersey. I am not that young bad decision-making teenager any longer, I want to leave that behind me, but can't without the Governor's pardon.

Please, everyone, help me encourage Governor Christie to forgive me and my past mistakes. Ask him to please approve my petition and grant my pardon so I can continue to grow and be more of an asset to my family, church, community and work.

Please read, sign, and share on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, emails, blogs, and if you know anyone in the media field. Finally if you have the means and would like to help promote this petition, you can click on the "Promote This Petition" link. Thank you all so very much. 

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