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Petitioning NJDEP Commissioner Bob Martin and 10 others

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: Remove all post-2010 material dumped at the Fenimore Landfill immediately!

Thousands of kids and residents living within 2 miles of the Fenimore Landfill in Roxbury Township are being poisoned daily by Hydrogen Sulfide gas emanating from the landfill.  Health effects are numerous, homes values have decreased, quality of life is non-existent, and there is no end in site.  

Tell the NJDEP to cleanup and remove ALL the debris they allowed to be dumped at the site since 2011 and restore Mooney Mountain and Roxbury Township to the beautiful place it was before. For more information go to or  THANK YOU! <3

Letter to
NJDEP Commissioner Bob Martin
EPA Administrator Region 2 Judith Enck
Chief Of Staff Government/Legislative Affairs Magdalena Padilla
and 8 others
NJDEP Enforcement Jeff Meyer
Senator Anthony Bucco
DOH Assistant Commissioner Joe Eldridge
DEP Case Manager Kerry Pflugh
New Jersey Governor
New Jersey State Senate
New Jersey State House
Assemblyman Anthony M Bucco
The June 26, 2013 takeover of the Fenimore Landfill located in Roxbury Township by the NJDEP is a disaster. The concentration and spread of Hydrogen Sulfide is worse then ever, even with the installation of Posi-Shell and Solar Spark Flares. We demand that ALL material dumped by SEP from 2010-2013 be removed immediately from the landfill so that the Mountain can return to it's natural state. The DEP created this situation by designating the landfill a brownfield in 2010 even though there was no documented reason for this designation. Now the NJDEP is trying to clean up the problem it created but is making it worse!

In addition, we demand the following:

1. ALL material, over 360k cubic yards of material dumped by SEP must be removed from this site. In the long run, this option will cost less and be more effective.
2. 360 degree perimeter monitoring of the landfill for h2s, so2, and VOC's. Install monitors at schools to protect the children and teachers.
3. Temporary housing for the residents until this situation is resolved.
4. Portable Carbon Air Filtration Systems bought for residents who don't want/need temporary housing.
5. The NJDEP and NJDOH need to be fully transparent in all aspects of the Fenimore Landfill including testing, results, health, planning, and mitigation.
6. Complete a full investigation on how this situation happened in a residential area, who is responsible, and hold them accountable!
7. The NJDEP and the NJDOH need to hold an open public meeting in Roxbury TWP. to answer resident's concerns and questions.
8. Complete a full environmental site investigation of Fenimore including air, soil, and water testing. This is critical to know what material the residents could be exposed to now and in the future.

The residents need immediate help NOW! Things have gotten worse even though the Emergency Order is 90% complete. Thousands of kids and adults have already endured this mess for almost a full year. It's time for Roxbury to get back to "normal" life.