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New Jersey 101.5 Attention: Hosts Ray Rossi, Judi Franco and Dennis Malloy: Be fired from 101.5 as radio hosts

Allegedly (allegedly I have to use the word allegedly) they support animal abuse, make fun of animals abused and taunt those that try to help these animals. All three laughed on air of Sammy, a horribly abused cocker spaniel. It's because of people like this that so many just get a slap on the wrist. This is unacceptable and inexcusable. Let our numbers show that people like this have no place in society. I'd say sign them up as volunteers at a local shelter for a week but it's not fair to the animals to have these kind of hateful people anywhere near a living animal. To listen to this broadcast here is the link. At some point we simply must take a stand. To never yield to those that have no compassion for a living creature. Never...for we are many.



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  • New Jersey 101.5 Hosts Ray Rossi, Judi Franco and Dennis Malloy

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