Stop the Layoffs and Reassignments of NHPS Librarians

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New Haven Public School's Superintendent, Dr. Carol Birks, announced that almost 40% of the district's school librarians will be laid off or reassigned as classroom teachers. Those school librarians who will remain will be split amongst the schools. This means that most schools will only have a part-time librarian. Some schools may not have a librarian at all. 

These cuts are a "solution" to budget crisis New Haven is experiencing. New Haven boasts being "KIDS FIRST", however, cutting school librarians will negatively affect NHPS students. There are over 21 state studies that confirm that "school librarians and school libraries support students in academic achievement, lifelong learning, 21st-century skills, and reading" (Kachel, 2011). One such study indicates that the presence of a qualified school librarian can make a tremendous difference in reading achievement. This difference ranges from eight percent for high schools to 35 percent for elementary schools (Rodney, 2003). 

New Haven's students should not be the victims of overspending. Their education, opportunities, and well-being should not be sacrificed for the sake of money. Please sign the petition and attend the Board meeting August 13 and let the Board of Education and Dr. Birks know that NHPS students come FIRST. 

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