Removal of Rick Holliday's name off Laney Football Stadium

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Due to the egregious nature of events that occurred under the supervision of Rick Holliday during his stint with New Hanover County Schools, we believe it is in the best interest of our community to remove Rick Holliday's name from the Laney Football Stadium. 

It has came to light that Rick Holliday knew of sexual misconduct allegations against now convicted child molester and former teacher Michael Kelly and DID NOT fulfill his state mandated duty to report this to Law Enforcement Officials. 

Holliday's decision to not abide by the law enabled Michael Kelly to victimize more children and caused irreparable damage to many in this community. These victims still live among us. They are our neighbors, our friends and our family. Our alumni that were victimized should not have to see Holliday's name every time they come to the football stadium. 

To leave it up after all that has came to light is a slap in the face of those whose lives have been forever altered due to Rick Holliday's failure to protect students from being preyed upon. We've had too many excellent rolemodels grace the halls of Laney to leave the stadium named after someone who violated the trust of students who confided in him.