Save New Hampshire Landscapes. Deny Northern Pass Application.

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Please sign this petition to urge the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee to protect the environment, scenic value and communities of New Hampshire by denying Northern Pass the permission to ruin our landscapes and scenic roads.  

Northern Pass is a high voltage transmission line to conduct electricity from Quebec to southern New England.  Northern Pass will cut a swath through New Hampshire’s pristine forested mountains, wetlands, and streams and rivers.  Wildlife habitats will be damaged due to clearing and construction of the 15 story high transmission lines.  

Tourism is central to the economies of many of the communities along the proposed route.  People are drawn to our forests and mountains to enjoy the views, hike, and visit iconic New England small towns.  Northern Pass will drastically change the landscape and have far-reaching impacts on our tourism-based economy.  This project will dramatically alter precious landscapes, jeopardize recreational tourism, and disrupt waterways.  The Northern Pass does not belong either above ground or on our scenic New Hampshire roads and forests.

 It will also upturn small scenic byways, Main streets, and cultural sites.  Small roads will be destroyed to bury the transmission line, and in small communities this may affect the response times of emergency vehicles.  Property values will decline, and foundations and wells may be affected by the blasting necessary to bury the transmission line.   

If the project is ever to be built in New Hampshire, it should be buried on interstates, like I-93, where it won’t impact local property values, endanger our wells and waterways, or threaten the scenic vistas that are quintessentially New Hampshire!  Eversource says I-93 is not an option, so we ask you to sign this petition to STOP NORTHERN PASS!

This is a grass-roots petition initiated by NH citizens opposed to Northern Pass.