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New Bedford Animal Control Needs To Be 24 Hours!!!

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Time after time the citizens of New Bedford are told after 5 pm when a stray animal is found is that there is nothing they can do by the New Bedford Police Department. New Bedford Animal Control currently has a policy after hours that they can respond to emergencies only but a stray animal is no an emergency . The time is now for that to change!!!! The City of New Bedford has over 100.000 residents please do the math that is ALOT of domesticated animals living in the city and there is ZERO SUPPORT after hours. Enough is enough. 

Monday October 16th and 17th the city of New Bedford had NO animal control working AT ALL. There was no replacement from another county there was absolutely NOOONE. So what happens when there is an emergency and your dog is hit by a car? Animal Control is not in till Wednesday. This reaction from the New Bedford Police is unacceptable and I am meeting with the Chief next Wednesday!!! 

This past weekend we had a lot of stray animals found so if you found a dog on a Friday night the "OFFICIAL" response from dispatch is "Hold Onto Animal Till Monday or Let them loose" This response is UNACCEPTABLE and needs to CHANGE, 

If this was the Mayor's dog loose this would not be the same response and we need to treat everyone in this city the same way. By the way remember the wait till Monday quote? Animal control was not even working until Wednesday October 18th. You expect these kind of mistakes from a small town not a big city with over 100.000 people residing in it. 

I am writing this petition to advocate for 24 hour patrol on Animal Control, Whether its have the police help with stray animals like multiple other police departments do, have the city provide more funding or a volunteer task force whatever it takes we cannot have these animals on their own in the cold winter streets !!! Enough is enough and take a stand!!!



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