Let Performing Arts Keep Performing

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Hello, I am a FC senior that takes part in many performing art programs ay Floyd Central High School. November 11, 2020- The NAFCS School Board annouced that all extraciricullar events have been cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic: except school athletics. The preforming arts departments at both Floyd Central High School and New Albany High School have been praticing and rehersing so much in order to preform for first few times this year. Both departments follow CDC guidlines such as: social distancing, masks when possible, and limiting the amount of people in a gathering such as a concert. In athletics, these guidlines have not been followed.

We would like to see the NAFCS School Board see athletics and preforming arts as equals. They can not pick and choose who can do their thing and who can not. The preforming art departments understand that it is important for athletics to keep going, but we all also understand that it is important for preforming arts to keep going as well. Both athletics and performing arts have many students who benfit from the programs. Both athletics and performing arts teach many skills that better the students with in them. Performing arts and athletics might do very diffrent things, but in the end we are equal and we should be seen as such.