Never Again - The UK's Response to COVID-19

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It is our view that the measures introduced by the UK government to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak were disproportionate, unreasonable and unsustainable. 

We are also particularly concerned by why UK government policy appeared to be driven by the dubious projections of Prof Neil Ferguson and Imperial College London, seemingly to the exclusion of other statistical models. 

The aim of this petition is to prevent future UK governments enacting such extraordinary, counter-productive and socially devastating measures without extensive public and Parliamentary scrutiny.  

The Petition - 

1. We demand that the UK Parliament compels Prof Neil Ferguson and Imperial College London to immediately release all data, formulas, programming, simulations and code used to reach their projections for the impact of COVID-19 on the UK, and also explain why these were not released for public scrutiny with their 16 March 2020 paper.

2. We demand that the UK Parliament compels Prof Neil Ferguson, Imperial College London and all relevant government departments to release all documents, emails and communications, internal and external, including to and from WHO and any other NGOs, international organisations and individuals, that are relevant to the 2020 Coronavirus episode specifically and pandemics in general, dating back to 11 May 2010.

3. We demand a full public Parliamentary investigation into how the projections of Prof Neil Ferguson and Imperial College London came to have so much influence over government policy-making, including a review of their track record in making projections for previous threats to the UK’s public health (Swine Flu, etc).

4. We demand that future UK governments be prohibited by Act of Parliament from being able to introduce such disproportionate and unreasonable controls without extensive Parliamentary debate over a period of at least five days, followed by a free vote resulting in a two-thirds majority of MPs.

5. Future governments will be limited to issuing public health advice only, unless they are able to achieve a two-thirds majority vote in Parliament, as specified in point 4.