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The Las Vegas water pipeline project is a threat to all the residents of Nevada. Residents of Las Vegas will see their water rates triple if the pipeline project is approved, while those in Northern Nevada and even parts of Utah will see the environmental damage from billions of gallons of water being shipped south to fuel unsustainable development projects and urban sprawl.

Sign the petition below to let the State Engineer know that you're opposed to the astronomically expensive and environmentally damaging pipeline project. Food & Water Watch, Las Vegas residents and coalition groups will deliver signatures to Jason King, the Nevada State Engineer, and elected officials in Las Vegas, on November 30th.

Letter to
Nevada State Engineer Jason King
The Clark County Comissioners
The Southern Nevada Water Authority's proposal to build a 300-mile water pipeline through White Pine and Lincoln Counties is environmentally unsustainable and fiscally unsound.

The proposed project will have a devastating fiscal impact on Las Vegas residents – average monthly residential water bills are expected to triple if the water pipeline is approved. This is unacceptable at a time when the economy is already struggling. Furthermore, the project will cause irreversible environmental damage to public lands and resources, including the Great Basin National Park.

I urge you to oppose SNWA's water pipeline project.

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