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Executive Director;  Mr. Keith Kizer

Chairman; Raymond “Skip” Avansino

Nevada State Athletic Commission

Dear Sirs,

At this moment some, 20,000 boxing fans, with more signing this petition, have asked that the State of Nevada investigate the Manny Pacquiao -Timothy Bradley judges , the decision, and  their scoring on Saturday. We seek to have the obviously flawed judging overturned and the fight declared a No Contest. We are also forwarding our petition to Governor Brian Sandoval, as well as Senator Harry Reid, asking that your office be investigated for displaying continued incompetence regarding the officiating, judging, and refereeing of boxing events in your state in the last year.

Besides the despicable ruling regarding the judges involved with Pacquiao – Bradley, we have had within a  year, under your management the fiascoes of Brandon Rios – Richard Abril, Abner Mares-Joseph Agbeko, and yes, for some fans, even Pacquiao-Marquez III.

Whereas Las Vegas is the Mecca of Boxing, these instances of uncorrected errors that are ignored by NSAC offices, have set examples that have been followed by Khan -Peterson, Chisora-Helenius, Lara-Williams.

Though you are not responsible for the behavior of boxing elsewhere around the globe Nevada has positioned itself as the leader in the sport and miserably failed in that reign over the last year.

Rather than have an open an honest investigation into a bout that the majority of fans, media, and officials around the globe have asked you to facilitate,  including the promoter of both fighters,  Bob Arum /Top Rank, you have stated that there was not a need for one. The actual quote;

“I had Manny ahead, but that’s fine, all I can say is I think every judge should strive to get better. Every fighter who loses a close fight like that wants to look at the judges.”

With all due respect sirs, the judges appointed for an event of this magnitude should already have reached the point of better if not the very best the sport had to offer.

Sir, the world is watching your esteemed offices for leadership, fairness, and justice.

Fans of our great sport have had enough, and though we can’t correct last years errors, we have the opportunity to make changes in this one. We, the fans of boxing deserve better than what we received on June 9th.

Boxing fans demand more, more from our governing bodies, and  more for our hard earned money, than simply felonious judging, and we will continue to seek signatures, continue to seek ways to increase our presence, until someone in the elected offices of your state, and at the WBO, takes the lead to restore respectability, fairness, and justice to boxing in Nevada, returning the title to its rightfully defended owner Manny Pacquiao.

Keith Terceira

Petition organizer

Letter to
Nevada State Athletic Commission Keith Kizer
Governor Nevada Brian Sandoval
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Overturn Judges Decision Regarding Pacquiao - Bradley Bout, Declare Bout a No Contest and investigate Boxing in Nevada. Ask the WBO to return belts to
Manny Pacquiao

This is important to restore the semblance of fairness and honesty in the sport of boxing. These judges should be investigated and suspended.

Keith Terceira
Managing Editor

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