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I Young Pharaoh have a 125 slide PowerPoint proving that Tyson fury cheated in both fights versus Deontay Wilder as well as other times in his career as far back as Five years. This has been acknowledged by professional boxers such as Errol Spence, Steve Cunningham, as well as Charles Martin. Main stream media is keeping quiet about this issue Despite being asked by the professional boxers above to investigate because as my PowerPoint will show I believe bigger organizations and main stream outlets conspired against Wilder with their motivation being Of racial bias Which is causing them to blatantly turn a blind eye to Tyson Fury breaking the rules of boxing… Please sign this petition and help us not only preserve the integrity of the sport of boxing but ensure the safety of all fighters in combat sports despite their Ethnicity or racial background. Combat sports are dangerous enough it should not be putting a fighters life in danger beyond the contract that they signed. Tyson fury punched Diante Wilder with his bare knuckles because his left hand was not fully in the glove in both of their fights and he punched Wilder illegally in the back of the head in their most recent fight over 30 times from the third to the sixth round and the referee said nothing even though blows to the back of the head because they can cause instant death to the victim by dislodging the brain from their brain stem. Also Tyson fury has blood on his left hand wrap which matches the blood on the wrist area of his left glove to which his fist was not properly in the glove which allowed him to hit with his bare knuckles outside of the padding. There is no way he would have blood on his hand wraps if his hand was properly in the glove. Tyson fury‘s left glove can also be seen Flopping around in both flights and bending backwards at 90° angles which is literally impossible according to anatomy unless his wrist was broken in both flights. The glove Is flapping because his fist is not completely in it and instead as the images I have shell he leaves his left glove unleased properly so that is loose and he can slip his fist in and out allowing him to strike with his bare knuckles from and unpadded area of the glove. If we allow this to happen this endangers all fighters & will jeopardize the integrity of all combat sports not just boxing. We must be led by VIRTUE & INTEGRITY. Deontay Wilder has wrongfully has his CAREER stolen from him and will no longer have the chance to make history breaking the records he was on the verge of breaking if we allow this. This will impact his mental health and life as a human outside the sport of boxing if we sit back an allow this Heinous act!.....Thank you and much love FAMILY!