Equality for The Eagle

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Khabib Nurmagomedov had a momentary lapse of judgement and decided to go after the people that disrespected his family, his religion, his country and his friends, he did not intend to show his bad side, but Khabib also showed something that people did not see, he showed that he is human and as a human his patience can only go so far. Growing up in Dagestan, Khabib is surrounded by conflict, he saw his friends died protecting their family and their honor, which is why he grew up in a culture that puts family and religion above all else. Khabib has been showing nothing but respect to the sport and the UFC by competing clean and giving respect to every opponent he faced before Conor Mcgregor. With that being said, it would be unfair to dismiss all the good that Khabib has brought to the sport and the organization because of one momentary lapse of judgement. This Petition is not to justify Khabib's action during UFC 229 but to urge the Nevada State Athletic Commission to release Khabib's purse money and to be fair to both Khabib and Conor's team on the investigation, this petition is also to urge the UFC organization not strip him off of his title, not to fire his friend Zubaira Tukhugov for defending his brother and for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services not to revoke Khabib's visa, because to do so would display a image of inequality and injustice if not discrimination while Conor Mcgregor only received a few fines and community services for the Brooklyn incident in April, Sign and share this petition to get this message across to relevant organization, thank you.