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Stop Plans to Euthanize The Desert Tortoise

 I recently came across an article from The Washington Post, dated August 25, 2013,  in which it indicated that due to lack of Federal funding, the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center located in the southern edge of the LasVegas Valley in Nevada is to close down and hundreds of desert tortoises will be "euthanized", a polite way of saying killed off.  You can read the entire article here:


The Desert Tortoise was officially added as an endangered species back in 1990, and therefore protected by the Endangered Species Act of the Constitution of the United States.  I was always under the impression that any and all animals listed as "endangered" and therefore protected were just that…protected and could not be harmed in any manner or form, and certainly not killed, and of such if harm were to come to an animal that is an endangered species that criminal charges of animal cruelty or abuse could be initiated against the person or persons causing harm to said endangered species.


So now, according to The Washington Post article, it is none other than Nevada's U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service itself who is sanctioning the "euthanizing' of the Desert Tortoise.  Sorry, but isn't this against the law?  Against the principles of the Constitutional Endangered Species Act?  Why should Nevada's U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service be above the law.


Therefore, I and many others are expressing an outright outrage that said plans to "euthanize" the endangered species, the Desert Tortoise are to be initiated.  For those of us of the Animal Rights Activist community here in the United States must be a better solution than the killing off any animal listed as endangered.


I, as well as others are therefore urging Nevada's U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service to reconsider and come up with a better "plan" and to follow the Endangered Species Act and to truly protect the Desert Tortoise in every sense of the word.


Thank You.


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