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It's important because so many stray cats and dogs are suffering untold misery in many countries throughout the world, often injured and without basic food and water

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Project manager - Cooperation EU neighbours and Central Asia Adriana Gheorghe

Only too often stray dogs and cats suffer such misery because they are often starving and without water or shelter. Unfortunately a lot of stray dogs aren’t as lucky as the one shown here who has now been rescued but most often they live wretched lives, with death being the only relief from their pitiable existence. In some countries they’re even rounded up and destroyed in horrendous ways.

I think most people have seen these poor creatures whilst on holiday in many countries and it’s time we did something about it. This cannot continue and there must be an urgent plan to start the neutering of stray animals to end this suffering. Please sign this petition to start this happening now! As Mahatma Gandhi said "the greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated".

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