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Change wanted: News18 Tamil media unit is to be neutral and the unit should have neutral journalists / employees in the organisation

Petition background details:

News18 Tamil Nadu media unit is at present in the hands of a set of editors / journalists / employees who are direct / indirect supporters of Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK).   

These persons are responsible for the fact that the channel is MADE TO WORK exclusively for the ideologies of a movement and / or a political party. This has been backed by none other than the Chief Editor, Gunasekaran and he is the person behind forming such group of people being appointed as the News18 Tamil Nadu staff. He has done this, joining hands with Kali Poongandram, his father-in-law.

Kali Poongandram is very actively involved with the DK movement: 

a.   DK is a movement with ideologies which are 100% AGAINST Hinduism / Hindus. 

b.   It spreads theories / concepts which are against India.  

c.   It also works for / supports Dravidar Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK), a political party in TamilNadu 

Gunasekaran is keen in appointing such DK/DMK ideology persons and the team includes Jivasakaptan, Senthil, John Paul & Karunakaran, Prakash Pandian, Haseef Mohamed, Ezhil, Vishnu, Madan, Chockalingam.

This team is associated with ‘Centre of Media Persons for Change’ (Maatrathirkaana udakaviyalaalargal sangam-மாற்றத்திற்கான ஊடகவியலாளர்கள் சங்கம்). Persons who follow the ideologies of either DK or Communism are only preferred to become part of this organisation. This organisation has close links with the company, incorporated by DMK persons, called “ONE MIND GENERATION RESEARCH FOUNDATION”. 

A youtube channel called ‘KARUPPAR KOOTAM (கறுப்பர் கூட்டம்)’ is also managed by one of the staff in News18 Tamil Nadu unit and in this channel videos about Hindu Gods are posted in an obscene language and in a disgusting manner, in the name of ‘rationalism’. It should be brought to the attention of the public that Haseef Mohamed, the Senior Correspondent of News18 Tamil Nadu who is a radical Naxal thinker and Modi opponent, is the man behind the YouTube channel KARUPPAR KOOTAM (கறுப்பர் கூட்டம்). Haseef Mohamed may be considered as a leftist journalist but what he does is only that he spreads concepts against Hinduism, against the Country and against our Prime Minister Modi.

Approximately 70% of the News18 TamilNadu media unit are filled with supporters of DK and DMK party. They openly support the communist and leftist movements along with the DMK. This appointment of persons with the same set of ideologies, DOES NOT seem to be random appointments in the News18 TN media unit. It is an open secret that these people HAVE BEEN HIRED to be “journalists”, but they are aligned with the DK and the DMK ideologies. 

Also to cite an incident, in April 2018, politician and actor SV Sekhar’s home was stoned by many people including journalists (can you consider them as journalists – this is a big question).  Of the total 30 journalists identified, 14 were from News18 Tamil media.

These reporters along with their supporters also went on the offensive. This is well known to everyone. 

Jivasakapatan,         Producer, News18

Ilaiyabharathi,           Reporter, News18

Veeramani,               Reporter, News18

D.Prakash,               Senior Reporter, News18

S Vijay Anand           Reporter, News18

K.Sivaraman             Reporter News18

S.Vishnu                   Reporter, News18

I.Asif                         Reporter, News18

P.Pandiyarajah         Reporter, News18

M.Anand Kumar       Reporter, News18

R.Saravanan            Reporter, News18

S.Arunadevi             Assignment Producer, News18

D.Kamakshi              News18

A.Vinodhini               Editor, News18

They are very cunningly using News18 Tamil media unit, in the name of Journalism to broadcast news that favour the ideologies they align with. How can one media channel have so many senior reporters and news editors who are all aligned with the same anti-Hindu, anti-BJP and anti-Modi agenda?  These newsmakers in the state of TamilNadu are not only anti-Hindu, anti-Central Government, anti-Modi BUT ALSO they are strong supporters of DMK. Anyone who opposes DMK become the target of these people.  For example, from the time Mr Rajinikanth announced his political entry, News18 Tamil channel has been placing opposition campaigns in the name of news and debates whenever possible. So it is not just about opposing Modi, India or Hinduism but also oppose and suppress those who speak or act against DMK. 


Media always plays a very important role in the society and needs to have complete freedom to question and bring out the truth and present the same before the society. Media has to present actual news and information. They should not CREATE news and give MISINFORMATION. MEDIA SHOULD NOT ACT AS AN AGENT OF SOME MOVEMENTS OR POLITICAL PARTIES AND CANNOT INDULGE IN INCULCATING IDEAS OF SOME PARTIES’ IDEOLOGIES TO THE PUBLIC.  

The role of the media in the welfare of the country is very essential. But by calling itself as the “news media” and “journalists”, it is impossible to accept the fact that employing such people who are not working as journalists for News18 Tamil, but working for a particular ideologies and party associated with that ideologies.  

The staff of News18 Tamil 

- should not take sides in favour of a particular movement or any particular political party 
- should not act against Hindus 
- should not act against India

A proper, unbiased, detailed investigation has to be initiated and strict action to be taken against such persons. To ensure the professional ethics of News18 Tamil Nadu media unit, our professional consultants have recommended that News18 management should conduct a serious FORENSIC AUDIT of the News18 Tamil Nadu media unit. Only then, News18 Tamil WILL BE a neutral channel. If proper action is taken against such journalists, this will set a very good example for other channels too.

THIS PETITION IS MADE for the welfare and benefit of the people of the State of TamilNadu and that the people of TamilNadu should not be misled by activities of so-called neutral journalists. 

- Maridhas M