We need a safe footbridge at Orient Way E10

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We, the users and future users of the Orient Way Footbridge are appalled at the poor and hazardous condition of the footbridge.

We call on National Rail, Waltham Forest Borough Council and Greater Anglia to carry out a detailed structural and safety survey to assess the urgent and important tasks. We call on National Rail, Waltham Forest Council and Greater Anglia to remedy the defects immediately.

At the same time, we know that many people are never able to use this footbridge due to its physical inaccessibility to them or due to their adverse perceptions of its security, height, width and stability.

We understand the crucial need for more low-pollution traffic routes, and knowing that developers’ intentions in Lea Bridge mean the housing of 8,000 extra people locally in car-free estates, we are aware that these factors will massively increase demand for pedestrian and cycle pathways. We therefore call on National Rail, Waltham Forest Council and Greater Anglia to seek funding from those developers and design a replacement footbridge which must include:

  • greater accessibility and amenity to all, including people with children and luggage to carry, people with wheelchairs, pushchairs, prams, bikes and cargo bikes;
  • replacement of the existing long prohibitive steps with sloping approaches to enable easier use by everyone and allow people with mobility and sensory impairments to use the footbridge unaided;
  • walkways designed for safe use by acrophobic, agoraphobic, claustrophobic people;
  • the greatest possible feeling of security for lone users particularly, and for all users in the hours of darkness.

We, the community, wish to engage in discussions about the design of a new pedestrian and cycle footbridge, such as the new footbridge built in 2019 at Northumberland Park station on the same line.