Reopen a train station in Plympton

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Industry and housing has expanded significantly since the closure of Plympton train station to passengers in 1959. This growth has placed increasing demand on the road infrastructure in the area resulting in heavy traffic, longer journey times and pollution. While road improvements have been made over the years, car usage has been promoted as the main mode of transport. Recent investment to improve the road network will not completely resolve traffic congestion along the Plymouth Road and through Chaddlewood to the A38

Over the years several feasibility studies have been undertaken looking at the reopening of train stations, including a station in Plympton in conjunction with an electric metro style transit system for Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall.

This could also been a good opportunity to reconsider opening other stations, such as a new city centre terminus at Friary sidings, at the rear of the Friary Retail Park, the site of the old Friary Station. A short distance to the Barbican.

As part of an integrated transport plan for Plymouth a new station at Plympton would:

  • reduce the dependence on motor vehicles, reducing traffic congestion and lowering pollution
  • help stimulate the local economy by improving Plympton's connectivity with other SW towns & and cities, as well as London
  • provide non-car owning households with alternative travel options

Since the last study little has been done to progress the reopening of the station, while in contrast Devon County Council has moved forward with implementing a new station at Marsh Barton, Exeter.

We feel it is time that Plymouth City Council and other partners take our demands seriously, make progress with reopening a station at Plympton and plan for a greener future for our town & city.