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Bring back Noob Saibot as DLC in MKX!

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Given that it's obvious Noob's not in the main roster of MKX,and it was already confirmed that Noob's not in the Kombat Pack,a lot of MK fans are rather disappointed by Noob's exclusion,despite the fact he has a huge moveset,which would work perfectly with MKX's variations,as well as him being the brother of the current Sub-Zero(Kuai Liang,already confirmed to be in the game) as well as a former servant to Quan Chi and Shinnok,his story could be explored in a post Kombat Pack DLC(even if it's just a couple of intros and an arcade ladder ending). He fits a lot of MKX's themes,and it's downright baffling he wasn't even part of the Kombat Pack. Because of this,I call all MK fans,to sign this petition,to show NRS,we WANT Noob Saibot. He's arguably one of the top 5 most popular MK characters,as well as one of the most frequently returning characters. With all his possible story development,as well as gameplay,he is pretty much perfect for MKX. NRS,we want Noob in MKX.

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