Withdraw film 'To the Bone' from the public domain - prevent doing damage and stigmatising

Withdraw film 'To the Bone' from the public domain - prevent doing damage and stigmatising

25 June 2017
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Started by Helen Mary

We are calling for the film release of 'To the Bone' to be withdrawn from the public domain either by Netflix pulling back the release of the film or by Cinema Theatre companies boycotting showing the film to the public.  This film release will glamourise mental illness, exacerbate the stigma surrounding eating disorders and be triggering for those attempting to recover from an eating disorder. 

It might be that 'To the Bone' was made by the film producers and the cast in good faith and as a means to draw attention to eating disorders but if that's the case, they have grossly misjudged and could in fact undo years of work by mental health and eating disorder advocacy associations.

The work undertaken to break down the stigma of eating disorders and the misunderstanding that they are illnesses of teenage; middle class; white females and solely about weight loss will be undone in an instant with this film release.

Eating disorders are severe mental illnesses and should not be glamorized in the way 'To the Bone' does.  They affect people of every gender, race, age, class and people at any weight can have an eating disorder and be acutely unwell.   The mental torture associated with having an eating disorder is reflected in the fact that eating disorders have the highest mortality and in particular suicide rate of any mental illness.

Anorexia nervosa is not just about weight.  This film is depicting anorexia as an illness that is predominantly about weight loss and recovery about weight restoration.  Weight is a significant factor in this illness but it is also about so much more.  Being underweight is medically extremely dangerous and the weight loss sustained by Lily Collins to be cast in this role was irresponsible and hugely risky but will also give the public the impression that weight loss and gain with an eating disorder are a 'choice' and not the life threatening and torturous processes that are the reality.

Depicting images in the media of people at a very low weight is also inappropriate and a huge trigger for those with eating disorders.   The release of this film could also assist in the dangerous pro-ANA movements and thereby be damaging, triggering and distressing.

Please be responsible.  You might lose money by pulling this film from public release but if you proceed to release the film the impact could devastate many real lives either by worsening the stigma surrounding eating disorders, triggering those in recovery or even increasing the rates of eating disorders.

Please do not show this film to the public.

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This petition had 1,037 supporters

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