We want a World of Warcraft Tv-Show

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Dear Netflix, HBO and/or Amazon,

World of Warcraft is reaching its 15 year anniversary, gathering fans all over the world. These dedicated fans have followed the franchise all this time and are gathering now once again to go back to where it all began with World of Warcraft Classic. 

We, from Battlechat.co, recently posted an article in which we explained why we would love a series based on World of Warcraft. The movie, which got released in 2016, was great for us fans, but didn't do the massive story justice. There is so much more amazing story left to tell, which cannot be done in two hours. 

You have all proven to be able to create long and creative shows which capture the hearts of fans. Netflix has done this for example with Stranger Things, HBO with Game of Thrones, and Amazon just started the development of a Lord of the Rings-show. These are all franchises World of Warcraft-fans are most likely interested in as well, but most of all, they want a story based on their favorite franchise of all time: Warcraft.

What we want to request is very simple and easy to achieve, we believe. Please Blizzard and/or Netflix, HBO and Amazon. Let's talk with each other to start a show which spans multiple seasons to bring our favorite story to life on the big screen!

Together, you can achieve greatness, for the Alliance and for the Horde!

Thank you for reading,

Your fans.