Netflix: Use traditional animation for season 2 of The Dragon Prince

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We all saw the poster for 'The Dragon Prince', and after seeing it was being written by the head writer of the hit show 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' we we're all equally hyped. But unfortunately, as shown by the comment section for the teaser trailer, most of the hype was lost after seeing this 2.5D animation style. I am sure all of us expected a more traditional animation style similar to ATLA, Korra, and Netflix's own Voltron.

I propose that Netflix should postpone The Dragon Prince, until they can redo the animation entirely to better fit this style. Everyone is clearly hyped for the story that this writer wants to tell, so I hope that this issue can be resolved.


Update: Since the show has progressed, I believe they should make it right with the next season of the show.