The movie The First Temptation of Christ gets removed from Netflix.

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My name is Jaymarie Pereira. I am a Christian. Though this petition is to remove this movie because I’m a Christian, it is also because it’s very disrespectful. It’s all about RESPECT. I don’t see the point of this movie, it’s very distasteful, and I held Netflix at a higher standard than this. At first I thought it wasn’t true, I had to see for myself that Netflix would release a movie this disgusting, and when I did I can’t begin to explain how horrible I felt. 

We all want respect but never give it. I ask that you see it in your hearts that it’s the right thing to do, for Netflix to remove such atrocity. I cannot believe after all the backlash it’s not been removed. United as one is how we will prevail.

Please sign this petition and help me get closer to this being removed.