Stop Netflix From Airing The Show ‘Insatiable’

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On August 10th, Netflix is set to air a new comedy series called ‘Insatiable”, about a teenage girl named Patty who is severely bullied for being fat. After being punched in the face, she gets her jaw wired shut, loses weight, and comes back to school thin and “hot”. In her new found popularity, Patty doesn’t forget her mistreatment and decides to seek revenge. 

Played by Debby Ryan in a fat suit, the trailer opens up with the line, “While my classmates were losing their virginity, I was home stuffing another hole.” 

Though the show claims to be a satire and that the whole point is to draw attention to the way Patty was treated, we don’t buy it. We don’t buy that fat suits are funny. We don’t buy that your life doesn’t start until you lose weight. We don’t buy that you can’t seek “revenge” or confidence until you’re no longer Fatty Patty. 

Movies and TV shows like these should not be acceptable. They are harmful to viewers who have suffered in any way from negative self-image or eating disorders. The message teens, especially, will see is that you can lose weight by not eating and then become popular. 

We’re done with fat shaming. So, please join us in signing this petition and asking Netflix not to air this show.