Season 2 of The Midnight Gospel

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We demand Netflix sign, "The Midnight Gospel" for a second season.  Fans of the show not only find the show entertaining but it is very spiritual and many of us relate to this show and Duncan's outlook on life.   The show has logged hundreds of thousands of views since releasing in April and is only getting more popular.  I, like many others, had canceled my Netflix because I just didn't have anything I really wanted to watch or had already seen.  I renewed my subscription JUST for The Midnight Gospel and still have it going as I tend to re-watch different episodes that are relating to things I may be going through in my normal life. 

While we're huge fans of Duncan Trussell's Podcast, Duncan Trussell Family Hour, I prefer watching something while listening and Duncan's Podcast combined with Pen's animation has created the greatest experience on Netflix, as far as we are concerned.  I think many of us are searching for spiritual content that isn't the normal, Christian Judeo content we find on every other channel.  

Having access to this amazing show is important and releasing new episodes, is just as important.  We would really like to see the guys get a 5 season deal but honestly if we could at least get a season 2, Netflix would see that there is a demand for this type of content.  Thank you for listening and please take a few moments to sign our petition.  Thank you!