Say NO to censorship on Netflix, Hotstar, Prime etc. Sign for self-regulation system by OT

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Are we not old enough to decide what we want to watch?

Do we need a parental or a politician’s guidance when we are old enough to vote?

Should we let the govt. nail their claws on freedom of creativity on the internet?

There have been talks of Government censorship for online content platforms or OTT platforms such as Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon Prime in the past. This may be an unnecessary controversy in the making if the Government ultimately interferes by setting up a regulatory body or committee for censoring their content.
Consumers have been enjoying quality content on these platforms for quite some time now knowing fully well what they want to watch and what they get to watch as it has the technical capabilities to cater to each one, dynamic and differential content needs.

The content, for some who think it is unacceptable, has found favor amongst those looking for something more refreshing and original than being spoon-fed censored versions of popular shows which take away creative liberties.

All online content platforms can consider coming together for creating a self-regulatory body which will decide over the content in place. In case many people do not find any content piece to be in good taste after this self-regulation process, there should be a complaint raised. This will then be examined by a fast-track committee which will be acting on the basis of merit only. This will naturally prevent censorship while helping us consume creative and bolder content without any moral policing or tracking the same. Transparency with clear-cut mechanism for complaint redressal. All decisions will then be backed by neutrality and credibility with the judgment taken by the second tier even if the issue has been resolved at the first tier itself.

Since OTT platforms function differently from regular broadcast counterparts, the adjudicatory body and its nominees will be able to tackle complaints arising from content available on these platforms. We all know how CBFC has already done huge damage to Indian films with its stringent and often unreasonable model of censorship.

It's the right time for OTT players to come forward and form a self-regulatory system & save the quality content we are exposed to; or we will have to kiss it goodbye!

Say YES to Self-Regulation by OTT players.