Save "Warrior" and get season 3 confirmed

Save "Warrior" and get season 3 confirmed

23 January 2020
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Started by Stuart Tomlinson

The recently released Cinemax series Warrior has met both popular and critical acclaim.  Having also enjoyed a second run on Sky, this brilliant series has introduced the world to characters inspired by the writings of Bruce Lee.

Lead protagonist Ah Sahm, played to perfection by British actor Andrew Koji, is a Chinese immigrant who comes to San Francisco during the time of the Old West.  Bruce originally took this idea to Hollywood producers whilst he was alive but was turned away as executives at the time did not think audiences would support an Asian lead in a primetime program.  

Bruce, is of course no longer with us but his daughter Shannon Lee was able to work alongside many amazing individuals such as Justin Lin and Jonathan Tropper to get this ground breaking series made.  Series 2 was finished towards the end of 2019 following the success of season 1 and has also recently been aired on multiple platforms.

Unfortunately, Cinemax has recently been dissolved unexpectedly.  This has meant that season 3 (and any others following that) is now unlikely to be made unless another broadcasting channel picks it up. 

It is also a very timely issue.  Warrior is obviously based as mentioned on Bruce Lee's original writings and had only been made doable as a project in current times because studios have started to move away from the inherently prejudiced perceptions of the past.  Unfortunately, the recent pandemic has sparked similar underlying prejudices in certain areas and brought them to the surface once more.  As a result, hate crimes towards east and southeast asians have tripled during this period.  Stop Asian hate is now a global campaign that has grown out of the need to highlight the unfortunate rise in this area and take action against its spread.

Bruce Lee had to face and battle prejudice and racism for most of his life.  The fact that he is not alive to see his work come to fruition and the difficulties now faced by the Asian community mean that Warrior is not just another program.  It is not by chance that the protagonists within Warrior also face these exact same issues.  The quote "Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" comes easily to mind.

It's significance with regards to culture, past and present day therefore should not be underestimated.  Only through education and empathy can we seek to change what we are currently seeing as a negative trend towards a specific group of people.  We cannot and should not allow racism to impact on anyone in any shape or form.

We need your help to ensure that the people who have the power to initiate change see the value in taking on this piece of Martial Arts history as their own.  Sign this petition today, mark your support and let the decision makers know how much love there is globally for WARRIOR and the messages it inherently carries!!


This petition made change with 68,522 supporters!

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