Save ‘One Day at a Time’ on Netflix!

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On 14th March 2018, Netflix made the heartbreaking decision to cancel ‘One Day at a Time’, a beautiful show with a diverse cast that highlights current issues which most shows do not usually discuss. This has caused a lot of outrage and shock, as ODaaT has had a major impact on many people’s lives. 

The topics discussed and portrayed in the show include: mental illness (alcoholism, PTSD, anxiety, depression); gun control; racism; xenophobia; toxic masculinity; addiction; and many more. ‘One Day at a Time’ manages to give raw and realistic portrayals of these issues whilst being lighthearted and funny - not “preachy”. The importance of family is especially highlighted and it has helped people love and accept themselves for who they are. ‘One Day at a Time’ means a great deal to a lot of people, and for this reason most importantly, it should be renewed.