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Started by Sabine J


For some reason Fox decided to cancel Lucifer. Not only is it a very interesting show, with a strong and original plot, it's also the reason for many people's happiness. The characters are so relatable and they all have flaws, which makes it even more relatable. The ratings have been going up for weeks, yet it got canceled. The season will end with a huge cliffhanger, and honestly, we deserve at least another season. Since Fox won't give it to us, here's to hoping and praying to Lucifer or God or whoever that it will get picked up by Hulu or Netflix or any other network. Please.

I think I can speak for many, when I say that this show was my happiness. My reason to hold on. My reason to look forward to another week. Please, don't take it away from me. 

#Renewlucifer has been trending for DAYS, if that doesn't show how bad people want it to be renewed and saved, then I truly don't know what will. 

Do it for the cast. Do it for the writers. Do it for Lucifer. Do it for Chloe. Do it for Amenadiel. Do it for Linda. Do it for Ella. Do it for Dan. Do it for Charlotte. Do it for Trixie. Do it for Maze. Do it for YOURSELF.

36,438 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!