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"We are the Wave" is a german show that tells the story of a group of teenagers who decide to fight together against injustice and social problems. This show is just amazing and can inspire a lot of people. Apparently Netflix doesn't want to produce another season, but we are here to try and save this amazing show. It teaches to fight against current social issues and to not be afraid to stand up for yourself. It shows how to peacefully protest, without being violent because you won't get anywhere with violence. It's such a pity that a show this inspirational won't get a season 2, but as they teach, we will try our best to save it and make a difference. 

Please, check this show out on netflix and sign the petition. It deserves another season. We want to be heard. If you don't want to produce another season, at least give the show to another platform. Right now, the world needs a show like this. Give it more time and more promo and you'll see how many will love it.

@savewearethewave on ig