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Started by Lydia Funderburk

Damnation was a period drama that aired on USA Network. Originally set to air at October 12th before pushing back to November 7th on Tuesday. The summary, which I quote "A man masquerading as a preacher during the 1930s in the American heartland leads an insurrection against the status quo; and butts heads with a professional strikebreaker hired by a tycoon to stop the uprising. Unbeknownst to those around them, the two men share a secret past."

Despite a modest opening of a million people, it took a dip as the season went on. The dip plunging after the network changed it to a Thursday slot after a week break. The finale ended with a 0.63 rating. Which was a hundred thousand more people then the second to last episode of the finale, which was a 0.50. Because of this, USA pulled the plug a week after it's finale, which had our characters in a cliffhanger. And Netflix, the show's co-producer is set to stream it in Canada and other countries on the first of February.

639,000 people might not be enough for the networks but it's a half a million people. Among them were people watching the series for the first time, like my sister and people are just hearing about it and watching it only to hear about it's cancellation by USA.

The show has received a 58% critics rating by Rotten Tomatoes and without a doubt, was given disparaging reviews by some critics. However, it has a 88% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and according to google, 94% like the show.

If there is something I can say, this show is mesmerizing. You can go into a episode only to be greeted by bombshells and plot twists towards the end of each of them. It challenges the way you know about these characters, like the strikebreaker for example. The women are just as strong as the men, with none of them sidelined for their love interests. It tackles elitism, industrialism of small towns, and at times, racism, injustice, sexism, and toxic masculinity (one of the characters was abused as a child for not being manly enough). 

As we all, a show needs more then one season to develop and this gem deserved more then one season. We were all hoping for a second season and more. Save Damnation.

Also, here are the emails as follows of the four Netflix execs to keep this show going.

Reed Hastings (CEO):

Cindy Holland (Vice President of Original Content):

Greg Peters (Chief Product Officer):

Ted Sarandos (Chief Content Officer):

Also, here is another link that you can use as well. Be sure to fill all three slots with "Damnation Season 2":


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This petition had 5,605 supporters

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