Save "Ash vs. Evil Dead"!

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On 4/20, it was announced the hit show, "Ash vs Evil Dead" would be cancelled. There is clearly a large fan base for it, however Starz isn't exactly the place most "Evil Dead" fans would bother paying a TV subscription for. However, most fans do have Netflix and Amazon Prime which gives reason for all of us to keep watching it on a platform that supports more shows than boring melodramas.

Netflix and Amazon both completely have the capability to bring it back but we need to show them that it is what we the people want! On IMDb, the show is located at the 174th best TV show, and being a horror show and making it into the top 250, that is a real feat. This show is something unique, special, and has a fan base that wants to see it... just not on a place like Starz that will cancel the show anyways.

So please, if you are a true Evil Dead fan, be "groovy" and sign this petition! We want "Ash vs Evil Dead" back!