Renew Dietland for a second season.

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News broke that Dietland was cancelled after one season with AMC. This is a show unlike any other. It stars a fat heroine, that like many women, is drowning in self-hate. Until she finds people that show her she doesn’t need to change, society does.

With shows like Insatiable still getting green lit, and even renewed, we need media like Dietland more than ever. It’s radical, it’s political and it’s time. This show pushes boundaries. It challenges the patriarchy, the diet industry, and the media. It challenges us to rethink how we’ve been taught to view ourselves and the importance we have placed on fitting into an unrealistic standard. WE NEED REPRESENTATION LIKE THIS. If only to counteract the vapid messages of shows like Insatiable.

So, Netflix, show us you care about women. Show us you care about telling stories more complex than that on Insatiable. Show us you stand for anything. Pick this show up and let Dietland tell a story we all need to see and hear.