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This film dramatizes dog fighting (human vs dog), as well as crush films (stomping small animals to death).  Neither of these have anything to do with the horror film genre nor are they acceptable forms of artistic expression.  Tell Netflix that you do not want to see this!

Letter to
Co-Founder and CEO Reed Hastings
"The ABCs of Death" SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM NETFLIX! D is apparently for Dog Fight, which is a ultra slow-motion film of a MAN beating up a DOG. This is NOT OK! I have absolutely NO tolerance or acceptance of ANY portrayal of violence towards animals. P is for Prostitution, I think. A woman has a bunch of kids and is doing whatever she has to in order to get a bike for her girl's birthday, which of course involves lots of shady sex - whatever - that's all fine and good. At some point, she is given a business card by this guy and ultimately goes to some warehouse to meet him. He has a video camera and a glass tank with a kitten and some small animals (mice, etc.). She starts playing with the kitten and then puts it on the floor, petting it with her spiked high-heel. I hope I don't need to tell you what comes next, and I turned it off unfortunately seconds too late, and heard the kitten scream. A CRUSH VIDEO, REALLY, NETFLIX?! This goes so far beyond what is OK that I just cannot even believe a film like this is on here. Regardless of whether any animals were or were not harmed in the making of this, it is an OUTRAGE to support even the portrayal of such a horrible act of cruelty. If this was a message against this type of thing, then the message was NOT properly received by me, and I'm suspecting not by any other person with a soul.

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