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Dear Netflix,

Suicide is not entertaining. It's scary, sad, lonely, depressing, emotional, tragic, and heart-wrenching. Glorifying suicide and blaming others for it is not okay and can push people over the edge. It is alleged that after listening to and reading both Ozzy Osborne's song "Suicide Solution" and the book "The Sorrows of Young Werther" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, respectively, it caused many people to commit suicide, stating the song and book were their "inspiration." This is not to say that media CAUSES someone to commit suicide, but for the many who are already on the ledge, this show can be the "final push." There are those that attest that stimulants as simple as songs and books were enough to push those with mental illness to commit the act of suicide, and if that is the case, how much more affective can a graphic television show, with the message that the only way to be heard is to commit the act itself, can have potentially devastating effects, especially to those who are impressionable. There have even been reports of people attempting suicide in the same manner as the titular character of the show. This is a huge problem. If the content and the graphic detail of the show led to only one person attempting suicide- that would be terrible enough to consider pulling the show. The fact that it is having a negative affect on many people- causing them to attempt to commit suicide in the same manner as Hannah does- should bring the discussion to the end. This show is harmful, and is available to such a wide audience - including children. Its long term effects can potentially be drastic, and devastating to the families of people that are inspired to attempt suicide because of the show. 

13 reasons why '13 Reasons Why' is a problem:
1) Suicide is not a good way to make people listen to you, nor is it an effective way to give yourself validity. People tack labels like "crazy" or "disturbed" on those who commit suicide far more often than they tack blame on themselves.

2) Suicide is not an artistic project. Your suicide note is not a gratifying way to express yourself. There are so many ways to make people see or hear you, to make people feel remorse-this is a bad one. The worst one.

3) The Netflix hit makes it seems as though the above two reasons are why someone would kill themselves, and rarely in reality is that the reason. The implication makes light of suicide as a whole. Suicide is what one might do when being alive is genuinely not enough of a reason to be alive anymore. NOT when ones friend hurt their feelings. That is the tiniest of the tiniest demographic.

4) Suicide isn't pretty. It's not sexy or mysterious. It's gut wrenchingly teeth grittingly ominous and soul draining.

5) ever heard of a trigger warning netflix? I'm not one who's hypersensitive to trigger problems, and maybe not even as sensitive as I should be. But this? Too far. And it's not those few episodes that you do warn for that are an issue it's the whole damn show.

6) stop showing teenagers that it's normal to have screaming confrontations in school hallways as a means of communication? There are kids watching this show (that you aimed at kids,) who need to know that this is not how people communicate in real life.

7) If a person leaves you a suicide note with directions to follow and not share with anyone that involve your direct mental health and ability to heal functionally ITS NOT A GREAT IDEA TO FOLLOW SAID DIRECTIONS. Whoever killed themselves was not seeing the world in a way that would benefit you to adopt. Always share, at the very least WITH A THERAPIST?

8) Don't pretend to be making a gritty real show and then cast only supermodels to play awkward teenagers.

9) adults are actually sometimes (and usually,) not blind idiots. Depicting them as such will make asking for help look less and less appealing to the generation of impressionable minds watching? Just why?

10) law suits are not a big enough reason to LIE ABOUT KNOWING WHY SOMEBODY KILLED THEMSELVES especially TO SAID DEAD GIRLS PARENTS?!

11) our hero Clay is not a hero. He's vengeful and moody. Do not be clay, clay is not kind or evolved.

12) Stalking? Rape? Extreme alcoholism? Not normal parts of the all American high school experience. Do not mistake this normalcy? ''Tis not. All American high school experience? Instagram, snacks, movies, crushes, young love...that's what it's really like. That's the right kind of adventurous.

13) I will only say this once: the message of this show is that it's okay not to "snitch" if you think somebody might kill themselves, because hey we all make mistakes, ITS NOT. Tell someone. Someone who can help. Someone who will. Don't whisper it to a peer or write it anonymously on a locker or bathroom stall. SAY SOMETHING. Because if you don't, forgiving yourself will not be as easy as this show makes it look.