Reboot Captain Planet as a Netflix animated series

Reboot Captain Planet as a Netflix animated series

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J. Szedresi started this petition to Netflix

This petition is primarily aimed at Netflix to consider the reboot of the popular 90's cartoon, Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Never in our history has it been more important to bring awareness to children about climate change, global waste, air pollution, the effects of food industry,  and the right way of handling those problems in the 21st century, which might be the crucial turning point in our history as we face the utmost global task: to become conscious about the changes that are happening in our world, how to halt them, and adapt to them.


THE STORY: the original show was about 5 teenagers from different cultures with magic rings that held the power to control the elements. During their adventures they had to face evil forces that constantly tried to pull Earth (or Gaia) into environmental catastrophes.

Captain Planet, regardless of its so many flaws as a story, had the power to impact children. Those who watched it regularly, tended to develop a sort of sensibility towards environmental issues: we became a generation to reconsider the old programmed belief systems so we’ve been actively participating in making the world a better place. Now we don’t state that Captain Planet was the sole reason, clearly it couldn’t be, but it undeniably had some influence on us.


THE MESSAGE: So despite of the flaws of the show, we now need it more then ever: at the time of the constant sea level rising, global migration partially due to climate change, and the era of rapidly accelerating mass extinction we need a children show that focuses on these issues and plants the seeds of knowledge in their minds.

By bringing it back to the small screen Netflix could take another step in bringing awareness to a new generation of children about the importance of climate change and how to cope with it.

This time however, we would like to see a show that is executed with higher care and greater understanding of characterization, plotting and animation.

It is beyond dispute that the quality of the original show lacks any major depth and substance in terms of character, plot and structure. In fact it can hardly be taken seriously if not for the environmental message.


OUR SUGGESTIONS that would heighten up the quality of the reboot series in the light of the original:

1. Complex characterization: One of the biggest problems of the original show was that it was only a tableau of one dimensional faces. So we suggest to give the heroes and villains interesting multidimensional personalities: they shall have flaws, fears and desires so the audience could connect with them on an emotional level. The original made everything black and white, but villains can not be interesting unless they hold some uncertain goodness in their hearts which make them relatable. Also heroes can not satisfy the needs of an audience if they have no inner darkness, a shadow that is cast upon their physical/mental/spiritual dimensions. We need interesting fleshed out villains that constantly make the heroes question their moral compasses and make them grow in unexpected ways (it’s a kids’ show of course, but you can’t be young enough to learn about the human nature).


2. Well structured and interesting plot: We suggest to make an overarching focused story per seasons, as the original show clearly had a problem with maintaining focus and oftentimes it unintentionally became it’s own parody. We would like to enjoy some more sophisticated story lines.


This time around we would like to have a show that can be enjoyed by a wider range of audience while maintaining its primary goal: to enlighten a new generation of children to the greatest problem our civilization has ever faced: climate change.

A well done reboot of this show would help this new generation to grow up as environmentally conscious individuals who have the mental and spiritual basis to act upon so to create a better world…


J. Szedresi and Zs. Oberczán

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