Re-new “Daybreak” for a second season on Netflix #RenewDaybreak

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Daybreak was an original, quirky, fun and new show on Netflix. It was a breath of fresh air for the streaming service, and does not deserve to be canceled after a single season. I think I speak for all Daybreakers when I say that I want a second season at the very least. This show had so much heart and soul put into it and doesn’t deserve to be canceled.

Other than that, they are canceling the show on a cliffhanger. I think just about everybody would like to know what happens next in the Daybreak universe, with Sam taking the throne, will she be a fair ruler, or a dictator? These aren’t questions that should be left unanswered. If the Daybreak Netflix show is 100%, never coming back however, we should at least get a canon in-universe webcomic to see what happens next.

Also, there was not a reason stated as to why Netflix decided to up and out cancel the show. The creators don’t seem to know that reason either, so it begs the question, did Netflix cancel the show just because? If they did, why not cancel a show that’s sort of done, like End of the F**king World? Why cancel the show that had so much potential?


But this is just a fan making a petition. But if we all get this to be seen by Netflix, we may get a season 2.